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Implied Consent
Consent can be implied or express. Implied consent is inferred from the circumstances, including the relationship between the parties and the nature of the interaction. For example, when you contact an insurance broker to obtain automobile or property coverage, it is reasonable for the broker to presume your implied consent to share personal information with the insurer to assess and meet your insurance needs. Similarly, it is reasonable for the Insurer to presume your implied consent to disclose your personal information to your broker, in order to assess an application or administer an insurance policy.

What is Express Consent?
When Clover Insurance Brokers handles sensitive personal information, Clover Insurance Brokers obtains express written or verbal consent. Sensitive information includes medical information or financial records for claims involving personal injury or income loss. In these circumstances, the sensitive personal information is not required or collected until a claim is made and it becomes necessary to obtain such information to determine entitlement to benefits. Express consent is obtained at the time of the claim. Exceptions to Consent
Privacy legislation sets out situations in which consent is not necessary. Some examples of when it is not necessary for Clover Insurance Brokers to obtain consent include when the information is:

  • disclosed to our lawyers;
  • used to collect debts owed by policyholders; or
  • used during an investigation of potential fraud, other policy breaches, or other illegal acts.

Withholding or Withdrawing Consent
You may withhold or withdraw your consent upon reasonable notice to Clover Insurance Brokers , however, this may affect Clover Insurance Brokers ’s ability to provide insurance or seek necessary insurance. Where the withdrawal of consent or withholding of personal information prevents Clover Insurance Brokers from providing adequate customer service, Clover Insurance Brokers may be unable to process your claim for payment, may cancel an existing policy, or may be unable to honour the withdrawal or withholding of consent.