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Don't remember when your car insurance policy matures?
Not to worry, we will remind you.

Automatic Renewals (Automobile)

Did you know your car insurance policy is automatically renewed. We will notify you well in advance of a renewal date. If you are busy, you can ignore us and we will renew it for you.

Your insurer may also decide NOT to renew your insurance policy. If that's the case, you'll receive a notice of non-renewal.  

Renewing is a good time to review your premium. If you find a lower premium, make sure the two policies are identical. A lower premium could mean less coverage. Make sure you Ask Clover .

Questions to ask (Auto Renewals)

Take the time to assess your insurance needs when you renew your policy.

  • Does your son or daughter want to drive your car? 
  • Do you still use your car for work? 
  • Do you still want full coverage for a 10-year old vehicle?

Ask yourself the right questions to make sure you've got the coverage you need and an advantageous premium. Ask Clover .

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