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Fine Art and Jewelry


Fine Art and Jewelry

High value items means high risk, so adequate insurance should be in place to cover
valuables, as these are rarely covered under regular home content insurance.

What Do I need to get fine art and Jewelry Insurance?
  •  A current appraisal
  •  A Signed Application
  •  Usually a Property policy of some type is preferred by most insurance companies

Why Do I need an appraisal?
  •  To come up with a rate you need a current appraisal for the value of the item
  •  Some items only have value on resale of 25% of what you paid, the cost of the raw goods, you need to ensure you get full appraisal value
  •  The appraisal will lay out the specifications of the item and current market value
  •  Prices/Values fluctuate with the value of the Canadian Dollar you want to make sure you have a stable value

Can I take my Jewelry on Vacation?
  •  Of course you can, however we suggest anything of great value should be locked in a safety deposit box or other secured facility while you are away. You do not need to give a person a reason to take your items or potentially loose them while you are away.
  •  Be wary of the territory restrictions of your policies

What Do I do if my items get damaged?
  •  Contact your broker
  •  See what it would cost to repair it, remember you have a deductible
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